Cage Nuts from JET PRESS

JET PRESS offers two types of cage nut. One is the traditional two-winged metal caged nut that is usually inserted into a square hole (such at the rear of the mounting rails of equipment racks). As an alternative, a simple-to-insert, front-fixing alternative of a steel nut in a plastic cage is also available.

Cage Nuts

A Cage Nut (also known as a captive nut) is formed from a square steel nut in a spring steel cage which wraps around the nut. The wings of the cage hold the nut securely in a square hole. The nut floats in the cage to allow for panel misalignment. They allow for quick and easy assembly from one side of the panel.

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Cage Nuts - Front Fixing

The Cage Lok cage nut provides the ideal solution for racks and cabinets where rear access is restricted and application tools would be difficult to use.

It is easily push-fitted and is secured by a 1/8th turn and provides a strong metal-to-metal fixing.

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