Tee Nut Insertion Machines from JET PRESS

Deeper and straighter insertion of tee nuts

Our floor tee nut insertion machines and table top insertion machines not only provide speed and flexibility when inserting tee nuts, but ensure a deeper, straighter and more consistent insertion.

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Rivet Tee Nuts - Sigma

Tee Nuts are designed to be machine inserted and are cold forged with a heavy flange and a large head for greater strength and pull-through resistance. The final result is a faster, deeper and straighter tee nut insertion, therefore increasing final product quality and production efficiency.

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Sigma Table-Top Tee Nut Insertion Machine

The Table-Top Tee Nut Insertion Machine is capable of up to 1,000 tee nut insertions per hour, providing speed and flexibility. The technology used allows the insertion of tee nuts to be deeper, straighter and more consistent than the best of craftsmen can achieve.

- Table- top machine designed to suit low to mid-volume  [....]

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Sigma Floor Rivet Tee Nut Insertion Machine

Capable of up to 2,000 insertions per hour the Floor Standing Rivet Tee Nut Insertion Machine provides speed and flexibility.

Allowing deeper and straighter insertion, the technology is more consistent than the best of craftsmen can achieve using outdated manual tools.

- Floor-standing machine designed to sui  [....]

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Sigma Drill, Drive and Rivet Tee Nut Machine

This machine combines the drilling, insertion and riveting of the Tee Nut into a single operation, eliminating the need for a separate off-line drilling and unnecessary material handling.

- Floor standing machine designed to suit high volume applications
- Fast and accurate drilling, insertion & riveting
- Riv  [....]

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Strip Feed Pronged Tee Nuts

These four pronged Tee Nuts are collated on a strip to make it easier to feed through the handtool. The long serrated prongs provide maximum grip and the heavy gauge steel ensures proper thread configuration and superior torque resistance.

Supplied 13 x Tee Nuts to a strip. Available in a small and large base type.

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