Mechanical Locks from JET PRESS

We supply a range of lock designs for different security applications. From access combination locks with a key override functionality to digital locks and modular electronic locks, there is a lock to suit most applications.

Mechanical Combination Lock

Designed for use on an extensive range of metal and wooden enclosures, this intuitive Mechanical Combination Lock from Lowe & Fletcher has a mechanical key override and the ability for the end user to set and change their own personal entry code.

Furthermore, a unique switch on the rear of the lock allows it to be set f  [....]

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Digital Combination Lock

With solid zinc alloy housing and multiple fixing points, this stylish Digital Combination Lock from Lowe & Fletcher is cost effective and simple to fit to a wide variety of enclosures.

It comes as standard with a 4 digit user code, 8 digit master and sub-master codes, battery failure override and low power warning li  [....]

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Heavy Duty Digital Combination Lock

With solid zinc alloy housing, stainless steel buttons and multiple fixing points, this heavy duty Digital Combination Lock from Lowe & Fletcher is both stylish and robust, making it the perfect choice for more challenging environments.

Along with its more obvious physical characteristics, the heavy duty Digital Combina  [....]

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Modular Electronic Locks

The MELO range of high quality electronic locks from Lowe & Fletcher offer flexibility combined with a sleek and attractive appearance. This innovative modular design gives customers a unique opportunity to choose between keypad or iButton operation, and to then pair this with slam-bolt or dead-bolt locking.

All MELO l  [....]

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Electronic Latch

This Lowe & Fletcher Electronic Latch Lock is a versatile and reliable addtition to any access control system, and simply requires an electronic pulse to unlock the unit.

It can be easily installed into existing wooden and metal enclosures for use in applications such as personnel lockers and office furniture. With a t  [....]

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