Security Tape from JET PRESS

Our range of Security Tapes offer a cost effective security solution for high value or sensitive goods, and provides excellent visual theft deterrent or detection.

Type KTL Packaging Tape

This packaging tape offers a positive control on unauthorised interference with any package content, it also provides an excellent visual theft deterrent.

All printing and numbering is under the surface making it impossible to remove or alter and as the surface of the tape is siliconised, it is not possible to re-seal w  [....]

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KTB Tamper Evident Packaging Tape

This KTB Tamper Evident Packaging Tape looks like regular brown packaging tape that reveals a printed message when removed. It is deliberately designed to look like ordinary packaging tape so that no undue attention is brought to the packaged goods whilst in store or in transit.

KTB Tamper Evident Tape is designed fo  [....]

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