Cable Tie Bases from JET PRESS

Cable Tie Bases available in metal or plastic

Cable ties are tried and trusted method of quickly securing cables. Our cable tie bases further extend the useful of cable ties by easily allowing the ties to be fixed to panels or other sheet materials.

Available in metal or plastic, designs are offered that fit on the edge of panels or inserted into panel holes or securely screwed in place or stuck on surfaces by self-adhesive bases.

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Push-In Cable Tie Bases

Plastic Push-In Cable Tie Bases are intended for use in pre-drilled holes and provide a fixing for Cable Ties up to 8mm wide. Once inserted into the hole, the mounting base is locked into place and the cable tie can be passed through the slot.

This plastic cable tie mounting base is used widely for a variety of wiring   [....]

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Screw Fix Cable Tie Bases

Screw Fix Cable Tie Bases hold cables and harnesses clear of the panel surface. The Eyelet type can be used with cable ties up to 5mm wide, and the Cradle type is suitable for ties up to 9mm wide.

These are typically used for any application where the routing cable and wire bundles are needed on surfaces that are suitab  [....]

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Self-Adhesive Cable Tie Bases

Self-Adhesive Cable Tie Bases accommodate Cable Ties of up to 5mm wide, and will bond securely and permanently to most surfaces. For additional strength, a number of these cable tie bases come with a centre hole to facilitate fixing with a wood screw or self-tapping screw.

C = Maximum Cable Tie width.

Typical a  [....]

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Edge-Fitting Cable Tie Bases

These Edge-Fitting Cable Tie Bases accommodate Cable Ties of up to 4.8mm wide, and the two entry points allow the Cable Tie to be mounted along the panel or at 90° to the panel edge.

C = Maximum Cable Tie width.
P = Panel thickness.

Typical applications include domestic applicances, electrical equipment, bo  [....]

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