Plinth Adjusters and Brackets from JET PRESS

Robust solutions for plinth or cabinet support and adjustment.

Bracket Mounted Adjusters

A robust height adjustment and levelling system for cabinets, cupboards, etc. where an uneven or sloping floor has to be catered for. The U bracket can be used with either of the two adjusters.

- Internal adjustment is by slotted screwdriver and external adjustment by means of a hexagon spanner.

Materials - Mi  [....]

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Plinth Adjusters with Bracket

These all-in-one bracket height adjusters provide up to 20mm of adjustment and are available for cabinet weights up to 100kg and 150kg. The adjuster is simply hammered into the carcass and secured by 2 woodscrews (not supplied).

Note: Adjustment of the plastic foot is effected by a 4mm allen key through a pre-drilled h  [....]

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Inset Plinth Adjuster

This Inset Plinth Adjuster is ideal for heavy-duty applications with a load rating of up to 400kg and can be used where there is no plinth gap. Simply recess into a 28mm hole where adjustment can be made of up to 10mm using a 4mm allen key.

Material - Nylon, Mild Steel.

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