Upholstery & Threaded Fasteners from JET PRESS

Fasteners for securing upholstery

We provide you with a diverse range of furniture components that offer solutions for fixing materials to frames in upholstery applications and to suit other fixings needs. Some of these fasteners are designed for a secure one-time fixing and others provide various degrees of freedom in allowing the upholstery to be removed.

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Products in Upholstery & Threaded Fasteners

Panel Fixing Dowel

These Panel-Facing Fixing Dowels are inserted into pre-drilled holes providing a high strength fastening solution for the furniture and office furniture industries.

Material - Polypropylene.

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Pronged Springs

These Pronged Springs are self-piercing and designed to be used with low-density materials. They accommodate a wide range of applications and are ideal for assembling fascias to frames such as in the upholstery industry.

Typical applications include upholstered furniture.

Material - Austempered Carbon Steel.  [....]

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Nail-in Glides - Single

Simply tap into position with a lightweight hammer to provide an effective low cost glide. Suitable for permanent or temporary use in a wide variety of applications such as upholstered or office furniture.

Materials - Engineering Plastic (Glide), Mild Steel (Nail).

H = Height

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Nail-in Glides - Double

The larger double nail glide is easy to fix in place with a lightweight hammer. These glides are widely used for permanent or temporary use in units such as upholstered furntiure or office furniture.

Materials - Engineering Plastic (Glide), Mild Steel (Nail).

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