Cabinet Hangers from JET PRESS

A choice of steel hanger designs to suit every application where cabinets are attached to walls.

Cabinet Hangers - Scarpi

These heavy duty cabinet hangers are rated at 65kg each (130kg per pair) and have independent screwdriver adjustment for 13mm height and 17mm front-to-back, easily accessible from inside the cabinet. There is also an allowance for up to 8mm sideways adjustment.

- Includes 2 x 6.3mm diameter Euroscrews
- Wall mounti  [....]

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Concealed Cabinet Hangers - Traser

These Concealed Cabinet Hangers are available in universal, left and right hand versions and are height adjustable through an 18mm hole.

- Left and right hand hangers fit into 4 pre-drilled holes
- Load capacity 65kg

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Cabinet Hangers - Side Reversible

This heavy duty Cabinet Hanger has a load rating of 62kg and offers a vertical adjustment of up to 15mm and a horizontal adjustment of up to 10mm and will fit to either the left or right-hand side of the cabinet.

- Fixing is by 3 x 4mm diameter screws

W = Width
T = Thickness

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Cabinet Hangers - Visible

These Visible Cabinet Hangers offer 2-way adjustment, are available in left and right-hand versions and fit into pre-drilled holes in the side of the cabinet.

- Height adjustment - 22mm
- Depth adjustment - 19mm
- Load Rating - 120kg each

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Cabinet Hangers - Concealed

These Concealed Cabinet Hangers are designed to fit neatly in the void between the cabinet back board and the wall it is mounted to and are available in both left and right-handed versions.

- Depth adjustment - 10mm
- Height adjustment - 12mm
- Load Rating - 65kg each

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Cabinet Hangers - Danco

These Cabinet Hangers are available in left and right hand versions.

Woodscrew Fixing.

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