Cam-Stays & Lid Stays from JET PRESS

Multi-Positional Cam-Stays & Lid Stays

A manual alternative to gas springs, these telescopic stays fit in the same way but hold their position by manoeuvring the pin into a holding slot at the desired extension. Lid stays designed to hold open lids, electrical panels and inspection covers.

Camloc Cam-Stays

Cam-Stay is a manually operated telescopic multi-positional stay designed to support weights up to 135kg. All Cam-Stays are universal and can be mounted with the holding slots up or down. Mounting of the stays can either be directly to your application through the holes or by mounting brackets.

Basic Cam-Stay:
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Medium Duty Lid Stay

These Medium Duty Lid Stays are available in left and right-handed versions, ideal for holding open lids, electrical panels and inspection covers. They are pre-drilled for screws of Ø5mm.

Material - Steel.
Finish - Zinc Plated.

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