Teconnex Stainless Steel Band Clamps from JET PRESS

Produced by Teconnex - a UK-based world class manufacturer of jointing solutions

A standard size range of Teconnex 304 grade Stainless Steel Hose Band Clamps (these include V Band Clamps, Slip Joints and Flange Assemblies) are available from stock at JET PRESS. Should you have a custom requirement, then our design and manufacturing capabilities extend to providing clamps up to 3000mm in diameter, multiple closing systems to include T-Bolt and Lever systems.

In addition, Teconnex V Band Clamps, Slip Joints and Hose Band Clamps are available in very high performance metals such as inconel or aerospace grade aluminium. Teconnex Slip Joints, V Band Clamps and Hose Band Clamps are used in a diverse range of industrial and automotive applications: aerospace, marine, turbo chargers, pumps, engines, exhaust systems, pharmaceutical, in food and beverage filtration processes plus petrochemical environments to name just a few.

Teconnex Clamps Bespoke Solutions

We stock a standard range of Teconnex Clamps, but if you require a bespoke solution it can be manufactured to meet your application requirements.

About Band Clamps/Mounting Straps
Band Clamps can be manufactured in diameters from 50mm up to 3000mm and larger sizes can be offered upon request. There are 3 main closur  [....]

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V Band Clamps with T-Bolt Latch | Teconnex

Teconnex V Band Clamps are used to pull together and connect two circular flanges. The resulting joint is much lighter, easier to fit and strip down for maintenance and requires less installation space when compared to traditional bolted flanges. Using a V clamped joint will also allow the mating pipes to be rotated to the corre  [....]

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Hose Band Connection Clamps | Teconnex

Teconnex Hose Band Connection Clamps can be used in a wide variety of hose sealing and retaining applications, most commonly for clamping flexible hoses to solid pipes, strapping together groups of pipes or cables, or replacing worm drive clips and clamps. The T-Bolt design offers strength and reduction in component damage often  [....]

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Teconnex Slip Joint, V Band Clamp, Flange Assembly

The Teconnex Slip Joint Assembly was originally designed to solve connection problems in high-temperature gas exhaust systems. Slip Joints can operate in gas temperatures of up to 750°C and are normally used in lower pressure applications.

The Slip Joint Assembly consists of three parts - sliding catch flange (slip flar  [....]

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Flange Sets for V Band Clamps | Teconnex

To complement our range of Teconnex V Band Clamps we offer a matching range of stainless steel flanges, allowing us to offer a complete pipe-jointing solution. They are supplied in matched pairs, one male and one female flange, with a spigot and recess respectively, to align the flanges to suit the corresponding V Band Clamp.

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