HVAC Support and Pipe Clamps from JET PRESS

This range of support clamps and rapid positioning channel clips are designed to make installation quicker and easier in plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration pipework.

Studding Clips

These Studding Clips are quick and easy to use, simply fit onto M8 or M10 threaded rods. Typically used in the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors to support pipework, electrical conduit, network and optical cabling. A simple fit and twist action securely locks the clip and pipework in place. The clips are easy to remove   [....]

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Rapid Positioning Channel Clips

This range of Channel Clips are suitable for fitting multiple pipe runs to Unistrut-type channels. They absorb shock and vibration and are ideal for use with plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration pipework.

Channel clips provide a firm hold and seal the pipework or cable, also withstands temperatures f  [....]

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Threaded Rod Mounting Clamp

These screw mounting flow and return clamps provides a perfect fit for refrigerant pipes. The folding lock tab secures the pipes into the strap. An 8mm clearance hole allows the clamp to be fixed directly to any flat surface. Manufactured in a black zinc coating to match the insulation colour as well as providing corrosion resis  [....]

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Squeezey Fit Threaded Rod Pipe Clamps

These Clamps are designed to support a pair of flow and return insulated copper air conditioning pipes. Simply squeeze together, they easily fit onto M8 or M10 threaded rods. Once fitted they can be adjusted within seconds even after the refrigerant pipes have been installed.

- Supports a pair of insulate  [....]

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