Standard Profile Panel Mounting Clips and Sockets from JET PRESS

Clips and Socket of the Award Winning Fastmount™ Panel System

These panel clips and sockets are designed for removable panels and they provide a hidden mounting system along with perfect panel alignment. Standard Profile Panel Mounting Clips and Sockets are interchangeable and offer a variety of mounting options which include self-tapping, screw fix and adhesive fix. Available with either a 5kg pull-out load or for higher load requirements a minimum 10kg pull-out load.

Tools and trial kits are available to aid fitting and removal of the panels.

For further information please contact our service team, which will also be able to advise you on the Fastmount Trial Kits.

Revolutionary Panel Mounting Clip Systems - Fastmount™:

  • Unique and flexible clip system
  • Secure and invisible mounting
  • Auto-adjust
  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • Saves time and money

Self-Tapping Panel Mount Socket - PC-F1A

This Female Self-Tapping Socket provides a fast and secure method of fastening panels which can be easily removed and refitted time after time. These sockets can be used in conjunction with the male clips shown below along with installation tools.

Screws into 16.8mm hole made with CT-07 or CT-13A. Install with CT-03.

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Screw Fix Socket - Surface Panel Mounting - PC-SF1

This Female Surface Mount Screw Fix Socket is specifically for use where a cavity is required or where installers prefer a screw fixed mounting. Use with clips designed for self-tapping, adhesive fix, high sheer strength and variable gap requirements.

These surface mounted sockets can be mounted onto aluminium frames, f  [....]

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Screw Fixing Socket Side Mounting - PC-RF1

This Female Side Mount Screw Fix Socket when used in conjunction with our range of male clips allows panels to be easily removed and refitted in any sequence time after time.

This socket is ideal for applications requiring side mounting such as cabinet construction, shelf support, refit or upgrades of existing installa  [....]

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Autofit Socket - PC-AF1

This Autofit Female Socket is ideal for applications that require lateral adjustment, such as curved panels. This autofit socket push-fits into a 35mm diameter hole and lateral panel adjustment can be made from all directions.

This is a versatile screw-fixed clip and works with all the male clips shown below. No special  [....]

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Surface Mount Adhesive Fix Clip - PC-SM2

These self-aligning Surface Mount Male Adhesive Fix panel clips are designed for use where installers prefer an adhesive fix. Ideal for new composite materials, the super-grooves mechanically engage into the adhesive for secure mounting.

These panel clips are ideal for refit applications and where soft or honeycomb core  [....]

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Self-Tapping Clip - PC-M1B

This Self-Tapping Clip provides perfect panel alignment and secure mounting. Panels can be removed and refitted in any sequence over 200 times saving time and reducing costs.

This self-aligning clip has a pull-out load of 5kg and can be installed into a variety of substrates. It is suitable for covered, painted and pre  [....]

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Self-Tapping Clip - Heavy Duty - PC-M2H

This heavy-duty Self-Tapping Panel Clip is designed to secure panels with a minimum panel thickness of 9mm, it provides a comfortable 10kg pull-out load and is screwed into a 10mm hole using our installation tool CT-10.

This self-tapping clip is self-aligning and can be installed into a variety of substrates without the  [....]

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Variable Gap Self-Tapping Clips - PC-VM1

These Self-Tapping Clips PC-VM1 are designed for variable gap applications and have a high shear load of 50kg per clip set. Providing perfect panel alignment and secure mounting, these clips are available with either a 5kg or 15kg pull-out load per clip.

We offer a range of female sockets to be used in conjunction with   [....]

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Standard Profile Range Trial Kit - CT-06T

Our trial kit contains all of the clips and sockets from the Standard Profile range along with the installation tools necessary for test assembly and development. The kit can be ordered, the clips used and the tools returned for credit, allowing you to try the Panel Mounting Clip system without committing to bulk stock orders. <  [....]

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