Caps & Washers from JET PRESS

Fixing Rings

Fixing Rings are designed to fit onto smooth axles and pins. They can be used on their own to keep objects in place on an axle assembly, or in combination to provide spacing between two components. Easily pushed into place by hand, these Fixing Rings offer a firm assembly, yet can be manually adjusted or moved when required.

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Finishing Washer

These nylon finishing washers are ideal for protecting the fascia panels of rack-mount units from damage caused by insertion and removal of rack-mounting screws. The cup size is designed to suit a standard M6 pan head screw used for rack-mounting, enclosing the screw head to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to multiple   [....]

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Weld Stud Caps

These products are designed to simply push on to a standard 5mm weld stud, facilitating retention of products such as vehicle head linings or sound proofing material.

The parts can be easily removed by unscrewing from the 5mm weld stud and many of these parts have a screwdriver slot in the head to aid disassembly.
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Saddle Washers

Saddle Washers provide an efficient method of rigidly joining round tubes to various surfaces and can eliminate the cost of coping or welding. These fasteners are designed for easy consumer assembly and can lower transportation costs by promoting the shipment of tubular products in their unassembled form.

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