Plastic Trim Clips from JET PRESS

Plastic Trim Clips are removable for maintenance or repairs

These fir tree and W buttons Plastic Trim Clips are ideal where a blind fixing is required for applications. They can also be combined with the holders TPR006 and TPR007.

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Plastic Trim Clips | Fir Tree Type

Designed for blind trim fixing applications where occasional removal and refitting is a requirement, these Plastic Trim Clips Fir Tree Type have a high tolerance of poor hole conditions. Positioned into a keyhole slot within the trim panel (keyhole details available upon request), Plastic Trim Clips Fir Tree Type are then simply  [....]

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Plastic Trim Clips | W Button | One-Piece Type

These Plastic Trim Clips with W Buttons are used principally in the automotive industry to attach door and tailgate trim panels to inner door panels. Designed to be blind-fixed to provide a neat, attractive appearance, Plastic Trim Clips allow panels to be removed for repair, servicing or inspecting, and are easy to fit without   [....]

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Trim Panel Retainers

These Trim Panel Retainers are designed to offer a housing for the head of the Fir Tree or W Button type trim panel fasteners. They are simply adhered to the rear of the trim panel and the head of the chosen trim panel fastener can then be slotted in to the key-hole shaped cut-out.

The cut-out section D gives clearance  [....]

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