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DOT Fasteners for Clothing, Marine and Military

DOT Fasteners like Press Stud Fasteners, Pull-the-DOT Fasteners, Lift-the-DOT Fasteners, Common Sense Turnbutton Fasteners and DOT Press Studs are used to attach fabrics, including leather, to another fabric or other materials. They create a reusable fastening to attach and detach two elements.

Common Sense Turnbutton Fasteners, Press Stud Fasteners, Pull-the-DOT Fasteners, Lift-the-DOT Fasteners and DOT Snaps are used in a wide range of applications. Press Studs are used in boating and marine applications like boat covers, sprayhoods, awnings, bimini tops and tarpaulins. In the automotive industry they are used for tonneau covers and hoods for convertibles.

Press Studs are widely used in clothing, especially military and workwear. There are often used for pocket flaps, ammunition pouches and similar applications.

Turnbutton Fasteners and Pull-the-DOT Fasteners require the fabric to be pierced, while the other Press Stud Fasteners and Snaps are self-piercing when used for lighter materials, for heavier duty fabrics and leather we recommend a hand punch. We can supply Attaching Tools for use in attaching Press Studs and DOT Fasteners. These include a Hand Tool Bed & Punch, M840 Snapmaster Tool and a Manual Foot Press for DOT Fasteners.

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Product Groups in DOT Fasteners

Products in DOT Fasteners

Pull-the-DOT Fastener Press Studs

These Pull-the-DOT Fastener Press Studs have a locking action on three sides, meaning they will withstand extreme pressure without unlocking but can be instantly released when they are pulled in the right direction. The fastener has Pull-the-DOT written on the button and an indentation that shows the correct direction to pull. T  [....]

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Carpet Fasteners - DOT Fasteners

Carpet fasteners are an unobtrusive and removable way of securing material such as carpets to a surface. The carpet fastener is assembled by combining the Ring and the Clinch Plate to form a Socket. This can then can be attached to any Press Stud. One example of how this fastener can be used is to fasten car mats onto carpets.   [....]

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