All-Metal Index Plungers from JET PRESS
These All-metal Index Plungers are made of Die-cast Zinc or stainless steel and offer a range of application possibilities where accuracy and ease of use are the key factors. Used for locating, positioning, and rapid adjustment of all kinds of tables, platforms and fixtures. These are especially useful in the manufacture of catering and medical equipment.

Some types have a 90 degree locking rest position to allow the plunger to stay open.
M12 options do not have a hexagonal body as per image. M12 options have 12mm A/F flats to accept 12mm spanner size.

Diameter = Plunger Diameter.

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DescriptionPart NrThreadDiameterABCDE
No Rest PositionPLU047M10 x1.061830.4014.2047
With 90 Degree Rest PositionPLU048M10 x 1.061830.4014.2047
No Rest PositionPLU049M12 x 1.7572439.4019.2087
With 90 Degree Rest PositionPLU050M12 x 1.7572439.4019.2087
No Rest PositionPLU051M10 x 1.061830.4014.2047
With 90 Degree Rest PositionPLU052M10 x 1.061830.4014.2047

All dimensions are mm unless specified.