Flexi Foot with Steel Strut from JET PRESS
The Flexi Foot with a steel strut supports small pipework and runs of cable tray, and can mount air conditioning units, air source heat pumps and outdoor equipment. They can be used to support both solar thermal and solar photovoltaic on flat roof installations. Drain slots are moulded into the underside to allow standing water to flow underneath the foot.

Material: Heavy duty recycled rubber foot with a galvanised steel strut.

Note: Comes complete with 21mm x 41mm galvanised steel strut, adhered to the rubber with industrial adhesive.

L = Length
W = Width
H = Height
W1 = Weight (kg)
L1 = Max Load (kg)

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DescriptionPart NrLWHW1L1
250mm StrutFFT0012501851002.8125
400mm StrutFFT0024001851004.6200
600mm StrutFFT0036001851007.6300
1000mm StrutFFT004100018510012.0500

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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