Heyco Shorty Bushings from JET PRESS
Shorty Bushings have a lower overall height and protrude less through thin mounting holes, therefore occupying less space inside the application.

• For use in panels up to 1.6mm
• Insulating feed-through bushings for limited internal clearance - minimum 3.2mm applications
• Insulate and isolate electric or telecommunications cables as well as low RPM shafts and push-pull rods
• Fingertip pressure installation
• Locking fingers hold securely after snap-in
• Locking fingers in fractional increments up to the maximum panel thickness
• Available in multiple sizes for use in mounting holes from 4.7mm to 25.4mm

Material - Nylon 6/6
Flammability Rating 94V-2
Temperature Range: -18°C to 105°C

• Recognised under the Component Program of Underwriters’ Laboratories File E15331
• Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File 8919

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DescriptionPart NrD1PD2D3H
Heyco 2800 / 2801 / B-187-125BUS0984.
Heyco 2859 / B 218-125BUS0995.
Heyco 2853 / 2854 / B 281-218BUS1007.
Heyco 2810 / 2811 / B 312-250BUS1017.
Heyco 2803 / B 375-250BUS1029.51.66.311.16.4
Heyco 2813 / B 437-312BUS10311.11.67.912.76.4
Heyco 2817 / B 468-343BUS10411.91.68.613.56.4
Heyco 2820 / 2821 / B 500-375BUS10512.71.69.514.36.4
Heyco 2824 / B 531-406BUS10613.51.610.315.16.4
Heyco 2827 / B 625-500BUS10715.91.612.717.96.4
Heyco 2836 / B 750-625BUS10819.11.615.921.06.4
Heyco 2844 / B 781-625BUS10919.81.615.921.86.4
Heyco 2850 / B 875-750BUS11022.21.619.024.06.4
Heyco 2847 / B 1000-875BUS11125.41.622.327.06.4

All dimensions are mm unless specified.