Tenax Fasteners - Male from JET PRESS
These heavy duty Tenax fasteners can be quickly fastened to and released from any type of material and are ideal for various marine applications, where resistance to corrosion is an important factor. This Male stud is used with a Female Button to form the complete fastening.

The Button and Cloth-to-Cloth Stud are secured to the material by using the Locking Ring, shown below, which is then tightened using the Fastening Key.

Typical applications include marine, aircraft and leather goods.

W = Across Flats

Material - Brass.

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DescriptionPart NrScrewWH1H2TD1D2H
No.7 WoodscrewSTU005ST - - -
 STU006ST - - -
Machine Thread 2BASTU007 - - - -
Cloth to Cloth StudSTU008 - - - - - 7.819.013.6
Locking RingWAS150 - - - - - - - -
Fastening KeyKEY002 - - - - - - - -

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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