Cabinet Hangers - Scarpi from JET PRESS

These heavy duty cabinet hangers are rated at 65kg each (130kg per pair) and have independent screwdriver adjustment for 13mm height and 17mm front-to-back, easily accessible from inside the cabinet. There is also an allowance for up to 8mm sideways adjustment.

  • Includes 2 x 6.3mm diameter Euroscrews
  • Wall mounting plate is supplied as a double unit, can easily be split into two for use as single plates on end units
  • Slide-on covers give a neat appearance inside of the cabinet and are available in coloured plastic or nickel plated steel

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DescriptionPart Nr
Cabinet Hanger - LeftCAH003
Cabinet Hanger - RightCAH004
Wall Mounting Plate - 90mmWMP001
Cover - LeftCAP446
Cover - RightCAP447

All dimensions are mm unless specified.