Accuride DA4120 Drawer Slides from JET PRESS

Super-heavy duty DA4120 drawer slides from Accuride will help you with applications where high loads of up to 550kg (Accuride DA4120-0120) will be placed on the runners (see specifications table below). These aluminum lightweight runners use high grade stainless steel ball bearings and retainers which give a very smooth runner movement. The materials used in the Accuride slider will give excellent corrosion resistance in many harsh environments where moisture and humidity are present.

All materials used during the manufacturing process of the super-heavy duty slides comply to RoHS standards which ensures heavy metal and persistent organic pollutant levels are minimised.

Super-heavy duty Accuride slides are available in a wide range of lengths from 400mm up to 1200mm and are suitable for applications in industries such as the woodworking, architectural, industrial and electrochemical industries.

Your Top Benefits and Features:

  • Safe - Products which can cope with very high loads: Load rating up to 438kg (10,000 cycles), 550kg (5,000 cycles)
  • Cost effective - Robust against corrosion so the need to replace is minimised: Material: Aluminium slide - AW6082 (3.32315/AIMgSi 1), stainless steel ball bearings and retainer - Steel alloy 1.4301.
  • Choice - Large range of sizes available which combine a 75% extension and smooth movement.


  • Slides are sold individually.
  • M8 screw fixing recommendation.
  • All fixing positions must be used to achieve maximum load rating.
  • The load rating is based on slides mounted 600mm apart.
  • End stops have been tested to 10 cycles with 400kg at 0.8m/s, additional external stopping arrangements recommended.
  • Tolerances are not accumulative.

See the JET PRESS full range of Accuride DA4120 super-heavy duty slides in the table below:

Material - Aluminium

SL = Slide length (mm)
TR = Travel (+ or - 3)
A = Number of equal pitches of 100
W = Weight per individual slide (kg)
L1 = Vertical mount - load rating per pair of slides (kg) 10,000 cycles
L2 = Horizontal mount - load rating per pair of slides (kg) 10,000 cycles
L3 = Vertical mount - load rating per pair of slides (kg) 5,000 cycles

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DescriptionPart NrSLTRAWL1L2L3

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