Plastic Rivets - R-Loks from JET PRESS
R-Loks, also known as pop rivets or blind rivets are non-corrosive, non-conducting plastic rivets which are designed for medium-duty fastening of a wide variety of materials, including soft rubbers, urethanes, padded fabrics and plastics. They provide a non-marking, enlarged bearing surface that draws panels together securely, without secondary washers, whilst still allowing for thermal expansion.

They can be easily applied using standard hand or powered rivet setting tools. Alternatively, for small to medium production runs, our Manual Insertion Tool INT002 can be used for all sizes, using a simple squeezing action to apply.

Typical applications include motor vehicles and domestic appliances.

Materials - Nylon (Body), Acetal (Pin)
Typical Colour - Black

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DescriptionPart NrD1PD2D3LH
R-LokPER0014.01.5 -
 PER0034.81.5 -
 PER0044.84.0 -
 PER0065.01.5 - 4.512.02.948.01.8
 PER0165.03.0 -
 PER0185.03.0 - 4.512.02.948.01.8
 PER0195.03.0 -
 PER0205.03.0 -
 PER0215.06.0 -
 PER0226.04.0 - 8.513.03.656.02.5
 PER0306.34.0 -
 PER0106.34.0 -
 PER0126.38.0 -

All dimensions are mm unless specified.