Plastic Trim Clips | W Button | One-Piece Type from JET PRESS

These Plastic Trim Clips with W Buttons are used principally in the automotive industry to attach door and tailgate trim panels to inner door panels. Designed to be blind-fixed to provide a neat, attractive appearance, Plastic Trim Clips allow panels to be removed for repair, servicing or inspecting, and are easy to fit without the use of special tools.

Designed to be positioned in a keyhole slot in the Plastic Trim Clips (keyhole details available upon request) they are then simply pushed into the door panel mounting hole. Some of these fasteners can also be used with our retainers TPR006 or TPR007 - when for technical or styling reasons a keyhole slot is not feasible. Please see the table below for details.

Most parts have a flexible skirt which seals the mounting hole against dirt or water entry and our Type 2 W Button Fasteners are ideal for use when a space is required between the trim and base panel.

R = Retainer details

Typical applications include motor vehicles, domestic appliances, heaters and ventilators.

Materials - Nylon, Acetal
Typical Colours - Grey, Natural, Black, Yellow

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DescriptionPart NrD1P1P2D2TypeR
W Button Trim FastenersTPF0527.50.7 - -
 TPF0538.00.7 - 0.92.517.41TPR007
 TPF0458.00.92.518.02TPR006 / 007
 TPF0568.15.02.315.41TPR006 / 007
 TPF0548.1 -
 TPF0718.20.7 - -
 TPF0468.30.7 - 2.01.818.02TPR007
 TPF1158.60.9 - 2.02.320.02 -

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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