Locking Straps from JET PRESS
The Locking Straps are used with adhesive bases to secure equipment during transit.

An adhesive base is attached to the piece of equipment, whilst another base is attached to a secure surface. A section of Locking Strap (cut to the length required) is fed between the two bases which are then closed shut, fixing the equipment into position.

Straps are available in 100ft (30.5m) rolls but can be cut to size depending on order quantities.

Typical applications include motorhomes and boats where items are to be secured such as electrical appliances, fuel tanks, storage containers, boarding ladders, fishing rods, marine electronics, ropes, doors and hatches.

Material - Marine Grade 3M Adhesive (Adhesive), ABS Plastic (Buckle), Plastic Coated Nylon (Strap).
Typical Colour - White.

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DescriptionPart NrTW
Locking Strap (100ft roll)THL0031.519

All dimensions are mm unless specified.