Accuride 5321EC Easy-Close Heavy Duty Slides from JET PRESS

Accuride 5321EC Easy-Close Heavy Duty Slides are designed with a soft-close mechanism to prevent slamming and protect against movement of contents. These slides are suitable for heavy tool cabinets, archive storage and wide storage drawers.

  • Load rating up to 100kg (80,000 cycles)
  • 100% extension
  • 19.1mm slide thickness
  • Suitable for drawers up to 1000mm wide
  • Opening pull force 2.5kg plus/minus 0.5kg per slide
  • Soft close on last 45mm of closing cycle


  • M5 countersunk/6mm countersunk euroscrew fixing recommendation
  • Horizontal mounting not recommended
  • A centrally positioned pull handle is recommended when used on wide drawers.
  • Slides sold in pairs

Material - Mild Steel
Finish - Zinc Plate & Passivate

SL = Slide length
TR = Travel
W = Weight of slide (kg) - per pair
L1 = Load capacity of slides for drawer width 450mm (kg)
L2 = Load capacity of slides for drawer width 1000mm (kg)

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DZ5321-0040ECSBB585400388160192 - - 128160 - 2881.996555
DZ5321-0045EC-ASBB586450450160192256 - 128160 - 3202.276555
DZ5321-0050ECSBB587500500192224 - - 160192 -3842.577060
DZ5321-0055ECSBB588550550192224320352160192 -4162.878572
DZ5321-0060ECSBB589600600256288384416192256 - 4803.1810085

All dimensions are mm unless specified.