W Buttons from JET PRESS
W Button fasteners, also known as Canoe Clips, are designed to secure sheet materials to secondary panels and can also be used to hold components to panels. These panel fasteners are pushed through the aligning panel holes, contracting on entry and then relaxing to secure the two panels firmly together.

Typical applications include motor vehicles, domestic appliances, furniture, aerospace and caravans.

Material - Acetal, Nylon
Typical Colours - Black, Natural

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DescriptionPart NrD1PLD2HHeadType
W ButtonWBU0142.70.8 - 3.612.37.91.3PlainCanoe
 WBU0043.50.9 -
 WBU0273.50.9 -
 WBU0653.52.4 - 5.912.97.61.4MattCanoe
 WBU0433.52.9 - 6.510.79.12.3PlainW
 WBU0443.8 - 4.11.6 -
 WBU0453.8 - 4.11.6 -
 WBU0463.8 - 4.13.2 - 4.811.46.91.3PlainW
 WBU0474.6 - 4.91.6 -
 WBU0484.6 - 4.93.2 - 4.813.09.41.5PlainW
 WBU0034.80.8 -
 WBU0505.4 - 5.61.6 -
 WBU0586.0 - 6.253.2 -
 WBU0576.21.5 - 4.013.512.01.5PlainW
 WBU0646.2 - 6.43.2 - 4.714.212.21.5PlainW
 WBU0516.2 - 6.51.6 - 3.213.712.51.5PlainW
 WBU0166.9 - 7.10.8 - 5.917.014.02.0PlainCanoe
 WBU0558.21.0 -
 WBU0288.4 - 8.62.0 - 4.515.618.02.5GrainedCanoe

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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