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Plastic Truck Seals are a secure and reliable way to secure your trailer doors and transportation equipment. The patented acetal locking mechanism and simple operation makes this fixed length seal, often referred to as Truck Seals, the first choice for many haulage applications. Whether securing doors, containers or tanker valves, a highly visible, unique sequential number and option of company logo/barcode printing, the Plastic Truck Seal is a great value security solution.

Key Features

  • Patented tamper-resistant acetal locking mechanism
  • Weather resistant; withstands extreme cold and heat
  • Individually numbered and stamped with company name
  • Produced in easy-to-use strips of 20 with no plastic waste

  • Applications

    • Trailer doors
    • Bulk Tankers
    • Railcars
    • Retail Distribution
    • Totes
    • Airfreight
    • Made in USA

    Looped breaking point - 27.2kg

    Typical colour - Red
    Material - High Density Polyethylene and Acetal

    Other colours available upon request, please contact our sales office.

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    DescriptionPart Nr
    Truck SealSSR011

    All dimensions are mm unless specified.