Accuride DBHAND Locking Handle Kit from JET PRESS

The Accuride locking handle kit is used for rugged drawer applications that require a locking system for front and rear mounted units.

  • Suitable for drawers up to 1.5m wide
  • Centrally located push-button lock mechanism
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Can be used alone or with Accuride slides of a 17.5mm thickness and above

Handle kit: (SBA043)

  • 1 x handle and lock-in mechanism (item A & B)
  • 1 x push-button
  • 2 x bar support blocks (item C)
  • 2 x lock blocks (item D)
  • 2 x pins

500mm locking bars - applications up to 1122mm wide: (SBA044)

  • 2 x stainless steel bars - 10mm diameter

750mm locking bars - applications up to 1622mm wide: (SBA045)

  • 2 x stainless steel bars - 10mm diameter

Lock-out conversion kit: (SBA046)

  • 2 x push-buttons
  • 2 x lock blocks
  • 1 x guide bracket


  • Customer cuts bar to correct length and drills hole for pin (pins supplied)
  • The lock-out cannot be used on over-extension (100%+) slides
  • Customer to supply 10mm rod, threaded to M10 for a min. of 25mm at each end to connect push-buttons for lock-out conversion kit

Materials - Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Finish - Zinc Plate & Black Passivate

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DescriptionPart Nr
DBHAND-2 Handle KitSBA043
DSHAN3-0100-2 / 500mm Locking BarsSBA044
DSHAN3-0150-2 / 750mm Locking BarsSBA045
DYHAN4-5 Lock-out Conversion KitSBA046

All dimensions are mm unless specified.