Door Latches from JET PRESS

These Door Latches are suitable for metal cabinet doors and access panels. The latches fix in place through the panel front and as they are manufactured in durable plastic, they provide a smooth, quiet and long-life operation. This product range has been tailored to suit a range of panel thickness, 2 different bezel sizes and with a variety of opening and closing pressures.

Products marked with ** do not have a metal latch-spring, so can be used in applications where metal parts could be detrimental to the operation, such as around MRI scanners.

F1 = Pull-out Load for the Door Striker in Newtons when used with the Door Striker - STR001A in associated products below.

At higher temperatures, pull-out loads are affected. Maximum working temperature is 100°C.

Anti-Rattle - No noise through vibration

Typical applications include glove compartment catches and media box catches.

Materials - Nylon and Spring Steel
Typical Colours - Natural, Black

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DescriptionPart NrPLxWL1W1F1
LatchLAT1740.9 - 1.513.1 x 16.820.018.017**
 LAT1750.9 - 1.513.1 x 16.820.018.025
 LAT1760.9 - 1.513.1 x 16.820.018.045
 LAT1800.9 - 1.513.1 x 16.821.019.017**
 LAT1810.9 - 1.513.1 x 16.821.019.025
 LAT1820.9 - 1.513.1 x 16.821.019.045
 LAT1771.7 - 2.013.1 x 16.821.019.017**
 LAT1781.7 - 2.013.1 x 16.820.018.025
 LAT1791.7 - 2.013.1 x 16.820.018.045
 LAT1831.7 - 2.013.1 x 16.821.019.017**
 LAT1841.7 - 2.013.1 x 16.821.019.025
 LAT1851.7 - 2.013.1 x 16.821.019.045

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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