Closed End Screw Grommets from JET PRESS
The Closed End Screw Grommets (also known as Caprive Nuts or Lokut Nuts,) snap into prepared square slots in various panel thicknesses. Combined with a suitable self-tapping screw this useful component enables panels or components to be securely fastened. The closed end of the grommet ensures that the appropriately-sized screw remains encapsulated in the plastic after fitting.

There are different styles in the range and the product image is one example form. All have the closed-end feature and provide a robust fixing for screws.

The table below shows screw sizes in both imperial and metric (ST) form.

These fixings are used widely in industry for providing screw fixing points in the panels of white goods, circuit boards and vehicle fascias and trims.

Material - Nylon
Typical Colours - Black, Natural

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DescriptionPart NrScrewSizePDTHW
Closed EndCAN0426ST x 7.21.712.614.0
 CAN1178ST 4.20.5 - 2.37.1 x 7.10.913.79.5 x 9.5
 CAN04410ST 4.80.7 - 0.88.2 x 8.21.718.313.0
 CAN06410ST 4.80.8 - 1.69.4 x x 12.3
 CAN04510ST 4.82.0 - 2.28.2 x 8.21.718.313.0

All dimensions are mm unless specified.