Index Plungers from JET PRESS
Once installed, these Index Plungers are very easy to use and provide accuracy in their function. Used for locating, positioning, and rapid adjustment of all kinds of tables, platforms, gym equipment, catering equipment and fixtures. All these parts have a 90 degree locking function for extra stability. The black knob enhances the appearance and makes tightening the Plunger once in place easy and effective.

Diameter = Plunger Diameter.

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DescriptionPart NrThreadDiameterABCDE
No Rest PositionPLU007M10 x 1.0521455175
 PLU008M10 x 1.0521515175
 PLU009M12 x 1.5625455106
 PLU010M12 x 1.5625616206
 PLU011M16 x 1.5831546128
 PLU012M16 x 1.583175.58267
With 90 Degree Rest PositionPLU013M12 x 1.5625545106
 PLU014M16 x 1.5831546128

All dimensions are mm unless specified.