Face Shield Visors from JET PRESS
These disposable Face Shield Visors are clear and cover the whole face to protect the wearer from droplets and liquid splashes and will provide protection against Covid-19. They are fitted with an elasticated strap for a comfortable fit. Ideal for key workers, hairdressers, construction workers, shop and office workers, beauty salons etc.

Protects eyes, nose and mouth against splashes, dust and aerosols
Prevents the wearer from touching face and spreading contamination
Reduces the risk of cross contamination
Fits comfortably over spectacles and protective face masks
Does not contain any natural rubber
Anti-fog coating prevents mist obscuring vision
Clear optics, minimal distortion to vision, and does not obstruct facial expressions
Shatter proof
Does not obstruct the airways, and allows normal breathing and does not restrict communication
Single size fits all
Facial expressions and smiles remain visible
Made in the UK from over 85 percent locally sourced materials

Putting on the Face Shield
1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitiser) before touching the Face Shield.
2. Raise to your face, and then place the cushion foam bar against your forehead.
3. Place the elastic strap over the crown of your head.
4. Adjust so it fits over your entire face and is comfortable.
5. Prolonged use of more than 8 hours is not recommended

Removing the Face Shield
1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitiser) before touching the Face Shield.
2. Reach back to touch the elastic strap.
3. Do not touch the front of your Face Shield as it may be contaminated.
4. Lift the elastic up and over your head and remove the Face Shield from your face.
5. Discard the Face Shield.
6. Clean your hands again using soap and water or hand sanitise

Important Safety Information
This PPE is designed for Single Use only, by one user. It must not be shared. We do not recommend multiple session use. COVID-19 can remain on hard surfaces for up to 3 days. Cleaning of the shield if not 100 percent successful could result in cross contamination. If PPE is exposed to infectious materials during use (e.g body fluids from an infected person) the PPE is considered contaminated and the wearer should remove it promptly as outlined in the IFU. Please be aware that even if the face shield successfully protects you while it is being worn, improper removal and disposal of contaminated PPEs can expose the wearer and other people to infectious agents. The face shield is not impact, chemical or heat resistant. Do not use in the presence of a high intensity heat or flammable gas.

CE Marking
Under the current emergency COVID-19 conditions our face shield has been CE marked and approved by the BSI (Notified Body No. 2797) for sale to the NHS and other Care Organisations. We have also applied for a formal conformity assessment by the BSI. They have confirmed that the product has an acceptable level of health and safety in accordance with the essential requirements laid down for this product type. During the process of formal conformity assessment, we are therefore permitted to market the product without a CE mark to all other organisations through this health crisis and until the full CE accreditation is granted.

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DescriptionPart Nr
Face ShieldPPE001

All dimensions are mm unless specified.