Accuride 0116 -BRKTRC - Sliding Door Hardware from JET PRESS

This Sliding Door Hardware kit from Accuride is an additional part that can be added to the 0116 RC for wall or side mounting. This has been designed specifically for large heavy doors requiring a minimum effort to operate; typically 20N to move a 180kg door.

  • Mounting kit for top hung sliding doors
  • Use with DA0116RC track and recirculating ball carriages
  • Maximum door weight 360kg
  • For door thicknesses up to 58mm
  • Corrosion resistant: suitable for exterior use with suitable with protection
  • Wall/side mounted only
  • Free running: typically 20N to move 180kg door
  • Aluminium fascia and end caps with anodised finish
  • Customer cuts track, beam and fascia to required length
  • Optional damper to decelerate door
  • 100,00m cycles
  • Fixing recommendation: M6 countersunk screw
  • Distribute weight evenly across carriages. Use at least 2 carriages per door for stability
  • Customer supplies floor guide
  • If damper(s) are used, an additional buffer (supplied by customer) should be used to protect the bottom of the door/frame. If dampers are not used, protection buffers will be needed at the top and bottom of the door/frame
  • Lubrication: Castrol/Spheerol Grease to NLGI 2 or similar. Apply through holes in carriage/bracket using a conical grease nozzle. We recommend re-greasing intervals sufficient to retain a grease film on the track, the track should not be allowed to dry out.

Material - Aluminium 6000 series.

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DescriptionPart Nr
DA0116-SUPPRC - 3.6m Support beam x 1SBA057
DA0116-FASCRC - 3.6m Fascia x 1SBA058
DA0116-ECAPRC- Fascia end caps (2 caps + 8 screws)SBA059
DS0116-BRKTRC - Bracket kit x 1SBA060

All dimensions are mm unless specified.