Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Drawer Slides from JET PRESS
This range of Ball Bearing Drawer Slides is manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel and ROHS compliant. Ideal for use in harsh environments, these slides are also suitable for use within food processing plants as they are manufactured with food safe grease.

- Stainless steel grade 304
- Load rating up to 45kg (450mm length)
- 100% extension
- Hold-in feature
- Front disconnect lever
- Side-mounting
- Food safe grease
- ROHS compliant
- Standard 32mm hole pattern
- Breathing tabs
- Easy installation

Material - Stainless Steel 304.

- Fixing recommendation: 4mm woodscrew/6mm Euroscrew/M4 screw
- Sold in pairs

TR = Travel plus or minus 3

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DescriptionPart NrSLTRABCDEFG
Slide Length - 250mmSBB575250250246 - 176148 - - -
Slide Length - 300mmSBB57630030029622496224 - - -
Slide Length - 350mmSBB577350350346256128 - - 22450
Slide Length - 400mmSBB578400400396320160224 - 288 -
Slide Length - 450mmSBB579450450446352160224352 - -
Slide Length - 500mmSBB580500500496416192224352416 -
Slide Length - 550mmSBB58155055054644822422435241650
Slide Length - 600mmSBB58260060059651225622435248050
Slide Length - 650mmSBB583650650646576288224352544 -
Slide Length - 700mmSBB58470070469657628822435254450

All dimensions are mm unless specified.