Arrow Head Quarter Fixings from JET PRESS
These Arrow Head Quarter Fixings are ideal for use where a quick-release, reusable fastening is required and the Studs are available in various head styles depending on function and preference and assembly is by hand or a screwdriver.

The Quarter Turn Stud is part of a three-piece set, comprising of a Stud, Washer and Cam. The Stud is selected according to the overall thickness of both panels - ensuring that the top panel is no thicker than 3.5mm - and the Cam is selected according to the base panel thickness. The Washer, if required, is used to retain the stud in the top panel. The Washer can also be used where there is a small amount of space between the panel and the stud elbow to ensure the fit is secure. The Washer can be positioned on either side of the panel or carpet being secured.

A quarter turn of the stud closes and releases the assembly so that access can be gained as required.

All parts are ordered separately.

Typical applications include motor vehicles - to fasten carpets over spare wheels/jack storage area and for access to panels under the bonnet or dashboard, ventilators, heaters and domestic appliances.

Materials - Nylon, Acetal
Typical Colour - Black

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DescriptionPart NrPLP1WDTType
Quarter Turn StudQTS1215.6 - 6.419.0 - - - -3
 QTS1225.6 - 6.417.92
 QTS1237.6 - 8.419.61
 QTS1247.6 - 8.420.02
Quarter Turn CamQTC005 - - 1.212.6 x 12.6 - - -
 QTC006 - - 2.012.6 x 12.6 - - -
 QTC007 - - 3.312.6 x 12.6 - - -
Quarter Turn WasherQTW040 - - - -20.31.5 -

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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