Palnut Regular Lock Nuts - Hot Dip Galvanised from JET PRESS
Hot Dip Galvanised Palnut Regular Lock Nuts offer corrosion resistance up 1,000 hours of salt spray. This makes them suitable for outdoor use like electricity pylons. Because the galvanisation adds a layer to the surface of the Lock Nut they are made slightly oversize so they still spin freely on to the bolt.

These Palnut Regular Lock Nuts are a cost effective solution. They are inexpensive and do not require a torque wrench to install them, so installation is quick and easy. The installer turns the Lock Nut to finger tight then uses a spanner to tighten them a further third to half a turn. Once properly tightened, the hex face becomes slightly concave. This means they can be checked with a simple visual inspection which is less expensive than other Lock Nut systems.

Under M5 they can be used alone, for M6 and above they must be used in conjunction with a regular full nut.

Manufactured to DIN7967 standards

• Resists loosening caused by vibration or movement
• Improves structural integrity and performance
• Ease of assembly
• Low cost

Typical applications:
Construction Equipment, Pipework, Agricultural Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment.

Material - Austempered Carbon Steel

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DescriptionPart NrThreadWH
Hot Dip GalvanisedREL041M1219.05.8

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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