Ultralite Support Slab from JET PRESS

The Ultralite® Slab looks and performs like a concrete slab, but the light weight being only 12kg make it very easy to handle and transport. This products is ideal for mounting air conditioning units and domestic air source heat pumps.

  • Strengthened by a fibre-cement coating, the support slabs flex instead of cracking or breaking
  • Textured surface prevents units sliding and allows water drainage
  • Engineered EPS core prevents warping and provides a solid base to resist settling
  • Unaffected by soil conditions, UV and temperature extremes

Material: Encapsulated polystyrene core with fibre reinforced cement coating.

Note: Safe working load rating is 56kg per 50mm diameter.

H = Height
L = Length
W = Width

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DescriptionPart NrHLW
Ultralite® SlabFFM00551600600

All dimensions are mm unless specified.