Hose Clips - Ratchet Type from JET PRESS
Ratchet Type Hose Clips are made from Heat Stabilised and UV Stabilised Nylon 6.6. These one-piece Hose Clips are resistant to atmospheric corrosion and most common chemicals, including petrol, oils and greases. Designed for use in applications with pressures up to 200 p.s.i. (14 bar), and temperatures from -40°C to +150°C, they are quick and economical to install.

To apply, simply locate the clip around the hose, engage the first few teeth, and then squeeze the jaws together to tighten. When removal is necessary, a simple sideways twist of the jaw disengages the teeth and releases the clip, which can then be re-used without loss of performance. A purpose-designed range of manual and powered application and removal tools are available. Contact us for details.

Typical applications include electrical equipment, motor vehicles, domestic appliances, lawn mowers, computers, telephone systems.

Material - Heat and UV Stabilised Nylon 6.6
Typical Colour - Black

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DescriptionPart NrDWT
Ratchet TypeH0C1665.6 -
 H0C1676.5 -
 H0C1687.9 -
 H0C1699.2 -
 H0C17010.2 -
 H0C17111.1 -
 H0C17212.0 -
 H0C17313.1 -
 H0C17415.0 -
 H0C17516.9 -
 H0C17618.1 -
 H0C17720.3 -
 H0C17822.2 -
 H0C17924.5 -
 H0C18026.5 -
 H0C18128.8 -
 H0C18232.0 -
 H0C18334.3 -
 H0C18438.0 -
 H0C18540.1 -
 H0C18643.2 -
 H0C18746.0 -
 H0C18848.5 -
 H0C18953.0 -
 H0C19055.0 -
 H0C19159.0 -
 H0C19263.0 -
 H0C19465.8 -
 H0C19570.0 -
 H0C19674.7 -
 H0C19777.7 -
 H0C19879.8 -
 H0B14185.1 -
 H0B14297.7 -
 H0B143105.3 -

All dimensions are mm unless specified.