Type KTL Packaging Tape from JET PRESS
This packaging tape offers a positive control on unauthorised interference with any package content, it also provides an excellent visual theft deterrent.

All printing and numbering is under the surface making it impossible to remove or alter and as the surface of the tape is siliconised, it is not possible to re-seal with scotch tape if it has been cut open.

The Type KTL packaging tape is a 'self voiding' material that seperates permanently as a de-lamination if attempts are made to lift or remove it. Developed specifically for use on all carton fibre and plastic packaging.

- RED face material with clear VOID OPENED security message.
- Self wound polypropylene material with high tack adhesive backing.
- Supplied in rolls 50m long, 50mm wide.
- Stock version perforated every 150mm (5.9") and each section is sequentially numbered.
- Suitable for use with a standard packaging tape dispenser.

Customised Versions
- Various colors available for customized orders.
- Customised security message and face design in any language
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DescriptionPart Nr
KTL TapeSLA028

All dimensions are mm unless specified.