Spring Steel Hose Clamps from JET PRESS
Spring Steel Hose Clamps are designed for the retention of low pressure, light-duty hoses. As the hose relaxes, the Hose Clamp compensates by maintaining its pressure on the assembly. To assemble, remove or re-position, simply use the appropriate hand tool.

In view of the variation of Shore Hardness between hoses, we recommend that pull-off tests are carried out before a particular Clamp is specified.

Typical applications include cars, heavy goods vehicles, air conditioning and agricultural equipment.

Material - Austempered Carbon Steel

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Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

DescriptionPart NrDW
Spring SteelH0B1577.0 - 7.56.0
 H0B1588.9 - 9.59.5
 H0B1599.5 - 10.59.5
 H0B99310.4 - 11.48.0
 H0B16010.5 - 12.514.5
 H0B16111.0 - 12.28.0
 H0B16212.5 - 13.514.5
 H0B16312.5 - 13.68.0
 H0B16413.5 - 15.08.0
 H0B99014.0 - 15.014.5
 H0B17115.0 - 17.012.0
 H0B16517.0 - 19.08.0
 H0B16618.1 - 20.08.0
 H0B16718.1 - 20.014.0
 H0B99119.0 - 21.014.0
 H0B17019.5 - 22.08.0

All dimensions are mm unless specified.