T-Stud Swivel Clip - Female from JET PRESS
These clips hold two pipes, cables or tubular components together and are designed to swivel through 360°. The small fixed spacer between the two retainers eliminates chafing and by clamping the pipes or cables together it reduces vibration.

The swivel action allows the pipes or cables to follow their natural contour, and the clip can be easily removed, re-positioned and re-used during servicing. This female clip attaches to any sized male clip in our range so that different sized pipes can be held by the male and female components.

Typical applications include motor vehicles, domestic appliances, electrical equipment, boats and machinery.

Material - Acetal.
Typical Colours - Black.

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DescriptionPart NrDW
 CAC3289.2 - 10.415.0
 CAC33122.0 - 24.015

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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