Edge Panel Fasteners - Extrusion Mounting from JET PRESS
These extrusion type edge panel fasteners have a dual function. First, they can be used as a standard edge panel fastener, where the internal barbs can be used to fix two sheets of metal or plastic together. However, outward-facing barbs provide a secondary function as a fixing for any extruded channel section or covering trim. This trim can be used to neaten the joint, protecting the user from sharp edges or preventing ingress of dirt into the joint where hygiene is important.

Typical applications for this edge clip include fascia panels, electrical equipment, packaging and telecom equipment.

Material - Austempered Carbon Steel.

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DescriptionPart NrGPLW
Extrusion Mounting ClipBEC0063.01.5 - 1.756.04.0
 EPF3263.60.4 -
 EPF3274.0 -
 EPF1634.20.4 - 2.09.512.7
 EPF3415.20.4 - 2.09.512.7
 EPF3405.21.4 - 2.09.512.7

All dimensions are mm unless specified.