Trim Clips - Unheaded from JET PRESS

Unheaded Trim Clips proven in the automotive industry to be a popular fastener to retain trim panels, fascias and dashboards.

Quickly assembled onto rectangular studs or moulded ribs, they provide a reliable and snug fixing with the further advantage of allowing removal for access or repair.

Designed for use on rectangular studs or integrally moulded ribs on any lightweight application where removability is desired, these panel trim fasteners provide a snug, rattle-free installation, yet will yield to deliberate removal force when required. Upon removal, the Unheaded Trim Panel Clips are retained on the trim panel by the integral steel barbs.
(Compare with our 'Retain on Base Panel Clips' which are designed to remain fitted to the base panel but separate easily from the trim panel).

This versatile style of trim clip is now widely used in a range of industries where speed and ease of assembly are a priority.

Material - Austempered Carbon Steel

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DescriptionPart NrP1P2WLH
Retain on Trim PanelEPF2821.01.5 -
 EPF3032.51.28.0 - 8.59.518.0
 EPF2682.51.2 - 1.46.510.59.5
 EPF2332.51.7 - 2.18.510.016.5
 EPF2365.01.5 - 1.78.510.018.5

All dimensions are mm unless specified.