Surface Mount Adhesive Fix Clip - PC-SM2 from JET PRESS

These self-aligning Surface Mount Male Adhesive Fix panel clips are designed for use where installers prefer an adhesive fix. Ideal for new composite materials, the super-grooves mechanically engage into the adhesive for secure mounting. These panel clips are ideal for refit applications and where soft or honeycomb cored panels with thin facings are used. No drilling or special tools are required therefore providing fast installation.

  • Designed for use with thin walled panels that are less than 6mm thick
  • Pull-out load of 5kg
  • FMS011 is heavy-duty for thicker panels and provides a pull-out load of 10kg per clip

  • Fits into the following female sockets PC-AF1, PC-F1A, PC-SF1, PC-RF1

For further information on installation please contact our sales team.

Material - Acetal Copolymer
Colours - Black - FMS011, White - FMS006

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DescriptionPart Nr
Surface Mount - 5kg pull-out load - WhiteFMS006
Surface Mount - 10kg pull-out load - BlackFMS011

All dimensions are mm unless specified.