Knock Down Cams from JET PRESS

Particularly suited to drawer front attachment these Cams feature ‘Klix’ locking and provide a strong, vibration proof joint. The linear cam profile results in smooth, easy cam rotation and dowel pull-up. This range of Cams is used in conjunction with Klix, Quickfit, Quickfit TL and panel to Frame Pins.

Typical applications include desks, kitchen units, bedroom furniture and display.

Material - Zinc Alloy Die Cast.


  • Part Number ECC030 features a cross recess only
  • Part Numbers ECC032 and ECC033 can also be fitted with a 4mm hex allen key

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DescriptionPart NrTypeDHPHead
 ECC026Unheaded1210.012 - 13 -
 ECC024Headed1210.512 - 1314
 ECC027Unheaded1212.015 - 16 -
 ECC028Unheaded1510.012 - 13 -
 ECC029Headed1510.012 - 1317
 ECC030Unheaded1512.015 - 16 -
 ECC032Unheaded1512.015 - 16 -
 ECC033Unheaded1513.518 - 19 -

All dimensions are mm unless specified.