90 Degree Gas Spring Brackets from JET PRESS

Our range of 90 Degree Brackets are designed to be used in conjunction with our extensive selection of end fittings, creating easy-to-assemble fixing options for our gas springs.

The brackets are drilled to accept a variety of fixings - making it easier to fasten to timber and steel frameworks using screws or dowels. They are designed to accept DIN/ISO standard fixings.

Ball Pin & Reversed Ball Pin Brackets are designed for use with:

  • 10mm Ball Nylon Socket Connectors GSA011 & GSA012

Hole Brackets are designed for use with:

  • Ball Joint Connectors GSA003, GSA005, GSA018 & GSA019

Threaded Pin Brackets are designed for use with:

  • Eye Bolt Connectors GSA004 & GSA034
  • Flat Eye Connectors GSA025 & GSA038

Material - Mild Steel.

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Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

Ball PinGSA00910122036.54.325175524.57030 - - -
Reversed Ball PinGSA01410152036.54.325175524.57030 - - -
HoleGSA0158.5 -2036.54.325175524.57030 - - -
Threaded PinGSA028M8 x 1.25252036.54.325175524.57030162.55

All dimensions are mm unless specified.