Strip Feed Pronged Tee Nuts from JET PRESS

These four pronged Tee Nuts are collated on a strip to make it easier to feed through the handtool. The long serrated prongs provide maximum grip and the heavy gauge steel ensures proper thread configuration and superior torque resistance.

Supplied 13 x Tee Nuts to a strip. Available in a small and large base type.

Typical applications include bed headboards, shop fittings, office furniture and domestic furniture.

Material - Mild Steel

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DescriptionPart NrThreadDH1H2W1W2TType
13 x Strip Collated Tee NutsJNT050M56.49.07.917.815.81.1Small Base
 JNT017M68. Base
 JNT018M68.015.013.722.521.11.3Large Base
 JNT019M89.712.010.122.521.11.4Large Base
 JNT020M89.815.013.422.521.11.6Large Base
 JNT021M1011.712.010.222.521.11.8Large Base

All dimensions are mm unless specified.