115 Linear Motion Friction Guides

115 Linear Motion Friction Guides
115 Linear Motion Friction Guides
115 Linear Motion Friction Guides slide 2
115 Linear Motion Friction Guides slide 2


115 Linear Motion Friction Guides slide 1
115 Linear Motion Friction Guides slide 2

115 Linear Motion Friction Guides




Friction guides use a plain surface to give a smooth linear slide without the need for ball bearings or rollers. The lack of exposed moving parts makes this product range ideal for dirty environments and they can be used in and around many types of liquids - a very versatile solution. Even for cleaner environments, this is often the best solution for its simplicity. Your maintenance costs are lowered as no lubrication is needed and they are suitable for high pressure wash down.

Three friction guides types are available; non-adjust, manual adjust and auto adjust.

These three friction guides' designs have all contact surfaces in the bearing block and engineered to produce uniform wear to give extended life in operation. The height, width and hole pitches all refer to the ISO 12090 standard.

The guides are designed to be used on our 1m or 2m hard anodised aluminium track; two or more tracks can be butted together to create any length of friction slide track for your application. Like the guides, these tracks are engineered to be hardwearing giving peace of mind for a high service life.

This is a lightweight solution, but exceptionally durable and due to its simplicity; they are highly unlikely to break down and can accommodate high static loads. They have a very quiet operation, are low vibration and corrosion resistant. The myriad benefits of this solution make it an ideal choice for many types of handling systems.

The 115 Linear motion friction guides are the latest development under the Accuride brand. This range of plain bearing friction guides for automation and handling systems uses only the highest quality materials for hassle-free installations.

*Figures refer to the out of the box installation clearance, plus the maximum wear limit over the products’ life


Are you looking for further information, samples, CAD files or prices?

Please contact our customer service team or use the "Request Samples" button next to the product variations below.

Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

Dimension guide

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115 Linear Motion Friction Guides dimension guide

Product Variations

Code Description P L
LFG001 DFG115-0100 1m Track 20 1000 Request Free Samples
LFG002 DFG115-0200 2m Track 40 2000 Request Free Samples
LFG003 DFG115-CASSAA Guide (Automatic Adjustment) - - Request Free Samples
LFG004 DFG115-CASSMA Guide (Manual Adjustment) - - Request Free Samples
LFG005 DFG115-CASSNA Guide (Non-adjustable) - - Request Free Samples

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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