Accuride 0115 -ECRC Soft-Close Mechanism

Accuride DP0115-ECRC Soft-Close Mechanism

Accuride 0115 -ECRC Soft-Close Mechanism

The Accuride 0115 -ECRC is a soft-closing mechanism, which provides a quiet and controlled motion when used on the DA0115RC slide, and reduces the possibility of trapped fingers.

  • Ideal for controlled closure of sliding access panels and doors
  • Pulls in 20kg load on a single cassette in a horizontally mounted track
  • Can be retro-fitted and simple to install
  • Improves the quality of the closure
  • 250,000 cycles
  • Slows down and controls opening/closing of the moving element
  • Pull force 14N
  • The hold-in feature keeps slides closed until extra force is applied


  • M4 countersunk screw/4mm countersunk woodscrew fixing recommendation
  • Material - Mild Steel
    Finish - Zinc Plate & Passivate, 500 hours salt spray

    W = Weight of slide (kg)

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Dimension guide

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Accuride 0115 -ECRC Soft-Close Mechanism dimension guide


Code Description W
SBA049 DP0115-ECRC-2 0.12 Request sample
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