Accuride 0115 RC Aluminium Linear Motion Track

Accuride DA0115RC Linear Motion Track

Accuride 0115 RC Aluminium Linear Motion Track

These Accuride 0115 RC Aluminium Linear Motion Track is designed for cost-sensitive applications involving any length of travel and designs where space constraints must be considered.


  • Load rating up to 130kg (80,000 cycles)
  • Aluminium track available in 1.2m and 2.4m lengths
  • Customer cuts track to required length and drills holes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Designed to be self-cleaning; ideal for dust prone environments
  • Modular system which is highly adaptable
  • Infinite track lengths can be achieved by joining guide sections
  • Soft-closing mechanism available (DP0115-ECRC)


Material: Track - Aluminium 6,000 series. Carriage - Stainless Steel and Nylon.



  • Carriages sold separately, available with stainless steel balls or polymer balls for grease free, quiet movement
  • End stops sold separately
  • Fixing: drill 4.2mm holes on centre line, fully countersunk
  • End stops: drill 4.2mm holes on lines, fully countersunk
  • M4 countersunk screw / 4mm countersunk wood screw fixing recommendation
  • Fix the track as recommended on a rigid and level surface
  • Care must be taken when sliding the cassette into the track
  • Infinite track lengths possible. Butt tracks end to end and align the centre lines
  • For permanent pinned connection (pins not supplied), use drilling jig. Sold separately
  • See illustrations for mounting options and load ratings


W = Weight per item (kg)

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Dimension guide

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Accuride 0115 RC Aluminium Linear Motion Track dimension guide


Code Description W CAD (STEP) CAD (IGS)
SBB638 DA0115-0120RC - 1.2m Track x 1 (no fixing holes) 0.635 Request sample
SBB639 DA0115-0240RC - 2.4m Track x 1 (no fixing holes) 1.270 Request sample
SBB640 DS0115CASSRC - Carriage (s/steel balls) x 1 0.120 Request sample
SBB641 DP0115-CASSRC - Carriage (polymer balls) x 1 0.085 Request sample
SBA041 DA0115-STOPRC - End stops (1 stop + 2 screws) 0.150 Request sample
SBA042 DZ0115-DJIGRC - Drilling Jig 0.080 Request sample
SBB759 DA0115-0120RCH - 1.2m Track x 1 (with fixing holes x 12) 0.635 Request sample
SBA049 DP0115-ECRC-2 - Soft-close Mechanism 0.12 Request sample
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